Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It takes a village

It takes a village…  I’ll admit when Hillary Clinton first published a book with that title about how it takes more than parents to raise children I thought it was kind of stupid.  My parents raised me just fine, all by themselves and without the benefit of all the life saving devices we have now, like helmets, seat belts and gluten free pizza dough.
Obviously, I wasn’t considering all the teachers, coaches, friends and grandparents who helped shape my life and, thanks to them and many more, my life has shaped up pretty well. As most of you know I’m the video production supervisor for Arizona Game and Fish and it’s a job that takes me all over the state in pursuit of stories about wildlife, habitat and fun outdoor recreation for the Arizona Wildlife Views television show.  Pretty cool gig, if I say so myself, but the only way I can travel for days at a time is with the help of my village of friends and caregivers.  As I begin to write this I’m in Lake Havasu City and good friend Linda is keeping Dixie, my beloved Golden Retriever,
my good neighbor Jerry is taking care of Harry, my beloved tabby
and New River friends Laura & Patti & Jim are caring for my latest beloved, an old horse named Apache Kid.

It’s only because of the exceptional care these people bestow on my animals that I have the peace of mind to travel as much as I do.  I consider my pets like my children and having their lives as uninterrupted as possible is very important to me. So I just want to say “thank you” even though you deserve words more grand and with much greater depth than those, they’ll have to do.  So, Thank You for letting us be part of such a really cool and caring village.

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